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St. Paul's Outreach Center

We are open Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to Noon.  Please enter the church via the side door.   

Food Pantry    Tuesday and  Thursday 9am to Noon  
We serve zip codes 44102, 44109 and 44113.  If this is the first time you are coming to us, you will need to bring ID for yourself and some form of identification for the others in your household.  You must also bring something verifying your address like a piece of mail.
If you are uncertain as to what you need, you can call, 651-6250 during our normal outreach hours.
Birth Certificate and ID Vouchers (Ohio only)  Tuesday and Thursday 9am to Noon


Clothing Ministry:  Tuesday and Thursday 9am to Noon

It would be wise to call first to confirm nothing has changed.


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