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Community Resources

We know that the COVID-19 crisis hits the homeless and most
vulnerable residents of our community the hardest.  Our
outreach center remains open during this time, and we are
dedicating ourselves to staying up to date on other resources that
exist in the community.  If you know of other information we can
add to this list, please contact Pastor Emily. As always, you
should contact a location before going to ensure information
is current as well as to check eligibility requirements.

Several portable toilets have been placed

around the city, including

Bishop Cosgrove Center, South Marginal

Road muni lots, West Side Catholic Center,

St. Malachi, W. 38th & Bridge, St. Paul’s, and

the McCafferty Health Center.



Cleveland Schools are still supplying free breakfast and lunch bags to all 18 and under.  
The child does not need to go to a Cleveland Public School and the parent does not need to have a child with him/her to receive meals.  

This is a list of schools where you can pick up a bagged meal. 
As of now this is scheduled through April 3 but may be extended if school does not resume.

Pick up times ares 11:30 to 1pm

Albert B Hart 3900 E 75th St, Cleveland, 44105 216.838.4400       

Andrew J Rickoff 3500 E 147th St, Cleveland, 44120 216.838.4150                         

Anton Grdina 2955 E 71st St, Cleveland, 44104 216.838.1150                                   

Buhrer Dual Language 1600 Buhrer Ave, Cleveland, 44109 216.838-8350         

Charles A Mooney 3213 Montclair Ave, Cleveland, 44109 216.838.3200               

Clark 5550 Clark Ave, Cleveland, 44102 216.838.7300                                               

Denison 3799 W 33rd St, Cleveland, 44109 216.838.3250                                         

East Clark 885 E 146th St, Cleveland, 44110 216.838.0650                                 

Garfield 3800 W 140th St, Cleveland, 44111 216.838.6300                                         

Louisa May Alcott 10308 Baltic Rd, Cleveland, 44102 216.838.6500                       

Marion-Sterling 3033 Central Ave, Cleveland, 44115 216.838.1550                         

Mary B Martin 8200 Brookline Ave, Cleveland, 44103 216.838.1600                     

Michael R White 1000 E 92nd St, Cleveland, 44108 216.838.2300                         

Miles 11918 Miles Ave, Cleveland, 44105 216.838.5250                                             

 Newton D Baker 3690 W 159th St, Cleveland, 44111 216.838.6650                         

Oliver H Perry 18400 Schenely Ave, Cleveland, 44119 216.838.0900                     

Patrick Henry 11901 Durant Ave, Cleveland, 44108 216.838.2350                           

Riverside 14601 Montrose Ave, Cleveland, 44111 216.838.6700                               

Robinson G Jones 4550 W 150th St, Cleveland, 44135 216.838.6750                       

Waverly 1805 W 57th St, Cleveland, 44102 216.838.7550                                           

Whitney M Young 17900 Harvard Ave, Cleveland, 44128 216.838.5350                 

William Cullen Bryant 3121 Oak Park Ave, Cleveland, 44109 216.838.3350

TRANSPORTATION: Effective Tuesday, March 24, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is suspending Park-N-Ride and Downtown Trolley bus service due to the Governor’s “Stay at Home” order for Ohioans. All other routes are operating as normal.

HOMELESS STREET UPDATE  as of 3-27 (courtesy of NEOCH)

West Side Catholic Center:
Breakfast: Monday-Saturday 9am - 10am (to go)
Lunch: Monday-Friday 12pm - 12:45pm (to go)
Saturday Dinner: 4:30pm - 5:15pm (to go)
Mail pick up still available during the above times and food pantry in April will be available as a prepackaged pantry. No other services at this time.


St. Herman’s House of Hospitality:
Breakfast: 7am to 9am – Drop-in service will continue in the dining room, with coffee and sealed snacks.
Lunch 11:30am to 12:00pm – Bagged Lunches and bottle water served outside at the side entry door.
Dinner 5:30pm to 6:00pm – Bagged Suppers and bottle water served outside at the side entry door.

Bishop Cosgrove Center:

Breakfast: Monday through Friday from 8am-9am. To-go containers only.
Lunch: Monday through Friday from 12pm-1:30pm. To-go containers only.
Showers: M-F 9:30-11am. Only 5 people allowed at a time and bathrooms are open M-F from 8am-2:30pm.
Food pantry is offering to-go bags and people may call 216-781-8262 with any questions.

St. Augustine’s Hunger Center:
Breakfast: Closed
Lunch at 11:30am: Open for to go containers (every day)
Dinner at 4:30pm: Open for to go containers (Monday through Friday)
St. Patrick’s Hunger Center:   
Dinner: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 5:30pm-6pm. To-go containers only.
Food Pantry: Wednesday and Friday from 10am-2pm. To-go bag(s) of groceries. No drop-in center. No bathrooms. Call 216-251-8258 with questions.

Catholic Worker Drop In Center:
Showers and bathroom only. No coffee. No meals.
Thursday: Closed,

Friday: 3pm-5pm, Saturday: 9am-11am, Sunday: 3pm to 5pm

St. Malachi:
Breakfast and lunch through the Back Door Ministry window is temporarily suspended.
The Food Pantry is offering to-go bag(s) of groceries from 9am-3pm Monday through Friday.
Outreach services are still in place, no showers until further notice. Call (216) 861-5343 for more information.


University Settlement:
The Hunger Center remains available Monday through Friday, 11:30am – 2:00pm
4800 Broadway Avenue, Cleveland, Oh 44127. Call 216-456-0908 for any questions.


Bountiful Basement:
Type: Pantry
4370 West 140th Street, Cleveland, OH 44135
Tuesday 9:30 to 12
Wednesday 5 to 6:45
Drive Thru and walk thru lines
Mobile Produce Pantry April 1 4:30 to 6:30
Rear (north)parking lot
Brookside Hunger Center:
Type: Pantry
3802 Pearl Road, Cleveland, OH 44109
Wednesday 10-2
Drive Thru using rear entrance enter off of Archwood.

Calvary Reformed Church:
Type: Hot Meal
1918 West 65th Street, Cleveland, OH 44102
has carry-out lunches every Thursday at Noon. 
They also have a drive-up Produce give-away on Sat, April 4 at 9:30am.
Church Of The Ascension:
Type: Hot Meal
13216 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, OH 44107
First Tuesday, Second Thursday, Fourth Monday
5:30 take out only

Freedom Church
Type: Pantry
12401 Cooley Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44111
3rd Saturday of the Month
10 to Noon serves zip codes 44111, 02, 35
Appointment Pantry
Tuesday thru Friday  10-2 Must Call First
Denison Avenue United Church of Christ
Type: Pantry
9900 Denison Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102
4th Tuesday 10 to Noon
Meal Program Daily Carry Out
Lunch  12 to 1:30
Dinner 6:30 to 7:30

May Dugan Multi Service Center
Type: Pantry
4115 Bridge Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113
Pantry-4th Wednesday of the Month
New Beginning Ministries
Type: Pantry
2060 West 65th Street, Cleveland, OH 44102
Pantry 3rd Saturday of the Month 10-12
Salvation Army - Ohio City
Type: Pantry
4400 Clark Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44109
Monday thru Thursday 9 to 11:30
Type: Pantry
12645 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44111


Stations of the Cross during COVID-19
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