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St. Paul's Community Church UCC Church Council

The Church Council of St.Paul's Community Church is the executive body of the church and sets the direction for the life of the church. It also handles matters of the budget, and seeks to promote the mission of the church: "To relate to and minister to people who are living on the edge, who seek God's will for their lives - struggling to find direction and purpose in a society that can be violent, insensitive and money-grabbing."


The officers of the church consists of Co-Chairs Chris Checkett and Peter Hotchkiss, Recording Secretary Moira Glover, and Treasurer Peter Marquis.


Church Council meets once a month, usually on the third Sunday of each month. Anyone is welcome to bring any issue to the attention of Council at any time. Church Council welcomes feedback and input from the many gifted people who attend worship and are part of the life of the church throughout the week!


Anyone who is interested in serving on Council can be nominated by the Nominating Committee at the annual meeting. 


The Church Council is required to hold an annual meeting and usually does so in January or February. Written notice of all congregational meetings will be given in the Sunday bulletin at least two Sundays prior to the meeting.


To reach the council with suggestions, you may contact any of the following people: 


Chris Checkett (Co-Chair): 

Peter Hotchkiss (Co-Chair):


Ian Heisey: 216-973-1486 or


Moira Glover:


Dorothy Morgan:


Peter Marquis:

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